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The following provides examples of how the Care Innovation Fund helps support our community members:

Health / Medical

$1,000 would help reduce barriers to health and wellness by bridging the gap in individual needs, this would cover the average annual out of pocket medical expenses for ONE veteran.

$500 covers 5 visits to a chiropractor

Prosthetics: all variety of needs

$100 / month = Behavioral Health; co-pays, group support, non-covered visits - cost of 12 visits

$30 / month = Dental Care: covers the cost of one tooth extraction for ONE veteran

$10 / month = Dental exam and x-rays for ONE veteran


$2000 – 2 Scholarships and educational support, certifications, trade skills, job training, etc.

$500 - Support programs and group opportunities

$50 / month = access to rental support for 12 veterans

$50 / month = Fitness support for ONE veteran

$ANY / month = Flex funds: clothing, work attire, haircuts, etc.

Access to activities and equipment



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